About Britbound

In a nutshell....BritBound is a relocation service and social events membership rolled into one. At the heart of BritBound is a community of independent travellers (BritBounders) who socialise, support and share each others adventures whilst living and working in the UK.

What is Britbound?

  • BritBound is a London based relocation company
  • BritBound provides support for people moving to the UK during your length of stay in both work and travel.
  • BritBound provides with you with an instant social circle that gives you friends for life.

Why join?

  • When you become a BritBounder you're more than just a number passing through the door, you are apart of our community.
  • Being based in the UK not only means we get to welcome you when you arrive but it also means we are there for any problem.
  • Half of our team here are BritBounders themselves and the rest of us have lived and worked overseas, so we have a wealth of knowledge you can use.

Who can join?

  • Anyone who is heading to the UK on a Visa.
  • Anyone who loves to work, travel and adventure.
  • Anyone who is looking to challenge themselves.

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4 Times Winner of the British Youth Travel Awards

- Best Customer Service 2016

- Best Support Service 2013

- Best Support Service 2012

- Best Support Service 2011

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What Britbounders Say

Gray Smith

"I cannot begin to rave about BritBound enough! They are simply the best and provide you with a carefree and blissfully smooth transition into London life! If you are wanting to make the move, don't even second guess this decision. I can tell you without a moment's doubt that I never would have my found my London experience to be a fraction of how great it's been without this wonderful organisation, the people who run and work for it, and the group of people who are a part of it."

– Gray Smith
Liz Ross

"BritBound provides thousands of travellers with everything they need to get settled in London, including moral support when required. Their Base is very welcoming, and there's always someone to talk to or have a cheeky drink with. Even if you're confident enough to come to London without their assistance, they offer amazing social events every day of the year. I have met lifelong friends because of this, and never find myself without something to do. My time in London would have suffered dramatically if not for BritBound. It's hard to imagine how they can make such a large assortment of people feel like a family, but somehow they manage."

– Liz Ross