Nallaine C.


Toronto, Canada

How did you find London compared to what you were expecting?
Prior to moving here, I didn't have any expectations. I knew it was going to be a whole new environment with more accents and tea and narrow roads but for the most part, I've kept an open mind about what life would be like here. Needless to say - I've tackled the rush hour crowds, I've met incredible locals, immersed myself in the city's endless history and turned off my GPS to purposely get lost. My experience with the good and bad has been nothing short of perfect.

What is the achievement you're most proud of since moving to the UK?
Every aspect of my life here that has and will continue to be improved has only happened from the single achievement of booking my one way flight, fighting fear and getting on that plane to London.

What is a moment you will always remember from your time abroad?
It's still a tad surreal that I am actually living in London. As a whole, every moment I've spent from visiting historical palaces to dodging crowds on the tube has been memorable but, it's the small things that matter. The moment a tourist stopped me, and I was able to (without Citymapper!) give them clear and concise directions was a VERY gratifying experience for me.

How has your experience abroad changed your outlook on the world?
Ending an 8.5 year relationship prior to my move left me incredibly lost. Still emotionally dependent, I literally felt stuck and felt unprepared for life outside of he and I. My decision to move to London was so impulsive and came out of a very impatient need to leave my old life behind. Somehow, after a long process of healing, I turned daydreaming into reality the minute I confirmed my visa application. It was here that I learned to embrace being alone. Leaving all the comforts of home and all the people I've known my whole life, there is something almost beautiful in the irony of reclaiming happiness through loneliness. Little at a time, the right people have been walking into my life, the scenery while travelling has taken my breath away, and I continue to appreciate my journey and the roots from where it's stemmed from.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about moving to the UK with BritBound?
Do it. Super simple as that. This city will reignite any fire in you. It will re-inspire you. It will change your perception of the world. London will change you in the most positive way possible.