Customer Charter

Our role

We know that moving overseas can be exciting, stressful, daunting and everything in between! It is our aim to help make your experience of moving here easy, stress-free, sociable and one of the best things you will do in your life. We want you to feel that after deciding to move to live and work in the the UK, joining BritBound was the best decision you’ve ever made!
Once here we will run a 365 day social events calendar so that you can enjoy the social side of moving countries, meeting lots of new friends through the BritBound community and through our events, experience the best that the UK and Europe has to offer. We are all looking forwarding to sharing this incredible adventure with you. See you soon!
We will

  • Each, take personal responsibility to ensure that you enjoy a positive and stress-free arrival experience
  • Not promise you anything we cannot deliver. Respond to any e-mails / enquiries within 24hours, even over weekends.
  • Be mindful of what a huge move this is and support you as much as we can along the way.
  • Be here to answer any questions you have, no matter their subject or how many you have! Be the experts on the ground to help advise and guide you through the relocation process and formalities.
  • Provide a friendly and welcoming environment that makes you feel immediately at ease.
  • Have an open door policy so you can come and see us at any time. So whether it is to tell us how well you’re setting in or some emotional support…we’re always here for you.
  • Always make ourselves available to have a cup of tea (or something stronger) with you if you need a bit of TLC
  • Take personal responsibility to right anything, should anything fall short of our very high service values


We are always extremely appreciative of anyone who provides online feedback. We are all busy with our lives and simply don’t have time for the number of feedback requests we receive. So if you complete ours we’re very, very grateful.
We will provide the following opportunities for you to share your feedback, whether glowing or gloomy!

  • Online Feedback Questionnaires
  • Quarterly Focus Groups
  • E-mail – of course
  • In person at the Base

If we create new services or products based on the feedback we receive, we’ll let you know. We are a community working for the community and feedback is essential to help us offer the best possible experience.

Should we drop the ball or you feel our products or service have fallen short.

We want everything to run smoothly and provide a level of customer service that has you singing from the rooftops! Over the years we have created, tweaked and shaped our products and service based on feedback from the BritBound community. We are on a quest for service perfection…but this is not to say that we could, unlikely though it is, drop the ball. This could be either a human or virtual! But both have consequences.  Should you feel that you have had anything less than a successful and positive arrival experience from joining BritBound then please let us know. Rest assured, we will do nothing less than move mountains to get things back on track.
Should any issues arise or you feel unhappy with any aspect of our service then please e-mail with a summary of your complaint. If you would prefer to have your complaint treated confidentially by a senior member of our team then e-mail Ask you whether you would prefer us to call you or invite you in to discuss this in person. Your negative feedback or complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours
We will reply formally within a maximum of 5 working days, though our aim is to respond sooner
All complaints will be thoroughly investigated to ensure we provide a satisfactory and informative response