20 Reasons Why You Should Move to the UK

If you want to live and work overseas then you could not choose a better destination than the UK. Here are 20 reasons why we think the UK is the perfect base for a career move, working holiday or BIG OE.

1) It’s the gateway to Europe – there is no doubt that for many of our BritBounders from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the number one motivation for choosing the UK as a working holiday destination is its proximity to Europe. There are at least 21 Capital cities within a three-hour flight of London. How many places can you visit from your home country in 2 hours?! If travel is high on your bucket list then we challenge you to find somewhere to beat the sheer number of budget (flight) routes on offer.

2) You get four countries for the price of one! The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are heading here on a working visa, like the Tier 5 YMS or Ancestry then you can work in anyone of these four countries. So if London is not your thing then what about Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh…or why not all of them. You’ve most likely got at least a couple of years over here, so take your pick or explore them all!

3) Budget flights – return to Germany for £10 each way including taxes, yes please! If you want to get excited about cheap travel then just jump onto Skycanner and do an London to Everywhere search and see the results. If you have not started a travel bucket list then now’s your time..

4) It’s familiar – you’ve probably seen many tv shows and movies to ensure that the UK will feel comfortably familiar when you get here, and that’s a lovely feeling! Just don’t think that everyone is going to be like the characters in The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) or Made in Chelsea!

5) It’s accessible – Whilst it might be located many thousands of kilometres from your country, it is certainly not an isolated island. There is an average of 8,000 direct flights a day into the UK. So as long as you can reach an airport you will be able to reach the UK.

6) There are no significant language barriers – Learning a language is fun, so is visiting a country where you have to consult a phrase book every ten minutes. However, moving to a country is challenging enough without struggling to understand and be understood. Whilst the UK is English speaking, we can’t say there won’t be accents that make it sound like a foreign language! You can drive 30 minutes and hear a completely different accent here! Just yesterday I overheard a BritBounder say, 'there are so many accents I never know how somebody is going to sound'. So true, but made me laugh!

7) You will have a great support network – one of the great things about heading here is that thousands and thousands of your own country folk have blazed the trail before you. Whether or not you have family here, you will absolutely have a community of travellers just like you and thousands from the same country as you. It's guaranteed that you will meet people you know or have common connections with, it happens all the time at BritBound! A small world indeed!

8) It’s easy to get around – If you are choosing to base yourself in one of the major cities here then you are going to be impressed with the Public Transport system here. Somewhere like London offers at least two ways for you to get from A-B, Tubes, Buses, Boats, Trams and Trains, and with apps like Citymapper you can plan your journey at the touch of a button! There will be no need for a car, unless you are looking at hiring one for the weekend!

9) UK Employers love you! If you are heading here from Australia, New Zealand and Canada then you're going to find that many recruitment agencies and employers will be very happy to employ you. So renowned are you for your bubbly, infectious personality and positive attitude that you've become a sought after commodity, especially in hospitality and customer service!

10). UK career experience will look great on your CV– okay, so this is quite a broad statement. But a couple of years ago we had the CEO from a global recruitment agency come and give a talk on recruitment. He said that if two CV’s landed on his desk for a role, and one had UK work experience on it, then that candidate would very likely be chosen. Why? Because and I quote him “the calibre between someone who has had the initiative and drive to step beyond their comfortable surrounds, far exceeds those who haven’t, they are better prepared for the curveballs that business life throws. So whether or not your industry rewards a career spent in the City of London, or whether you are just here to work in a bar, it will prove advantageous on your CV.