Applying for the UK Ancestry Visa from within the UK

Are trying to find out whether you can apply for the UK Ancestry Visa from within the UK, then we have the answer...finally!

Can you apply for the UK Ancestry Visa while in the UK?

YES! After e-mailing a long, long list of departments in search of an answer I finally heard back from the Migration Policy Unit. Frustratingly, the very kind man who actually went and researched this for me, then told me he was leaving the department and would no longer be contactable...arghhh!

Applying for the UK Ancestry Visa in the UK

The following has been copied and pasted from the e-mail received from "Migration Policy Unit | Home Office - Migration & Borders Group" Copy of the e-mail in the image below.

“In-country switching is not generally permitted under the UK Ancestry rules (see para UKA 1.5 of Appendix UK Ancestry). However, we will exceptionally consider allowing someone to switch if:

  • they have been granted an ‘exceptional assurance’ and are genuinely unable to travel due circumstances beyond their control (e.g. lack of available flights due to COVID-19 travel restrictions); or
  • they have permission on another immigration route (e.g. YMS) and have demonstrated they are genuinely unable to travel as above

“Such applications to switch are considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must explain why they are unable to travel and provide evidence where practicable to do so. The applicant must pay the relevant in-country application fee and meet all other requirements of the route.

“If the application is accepted as valid and the individual already has permission on a route which allows them to work (e.g. YMS), they can continue working in accordance with the conditions of that visa (or exceptional assurance, where relevant) while their UK Ancestry application is pending, provided they applied before the expiry of their visa (or exceptional assurance).

“This concession is being kept under review and potential applicants should check our Covid-19 guidance for UK visa applicants and temporary residents page on GOV.UK immediately before applying for the latest position.”

Applying For A Uk Ancestry Visa Inside The Uk

Applying For A Uk Ancestry Visa In The Uk

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