Can I cancel my existing Tier 5 visa and apply for a new one?

If you have previously applied for a Tier 5 Visa and have not made it over to the UK, in all likelihood due to Covid, then read here to find out what you can do.

Can I apply for another Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (YMV) when I have an existing one?

You can only apply for another Tier 5 if you have not entered the country on your existing one. To better explain, when you received your first successful Tier 5 Visa you will have been given a travel vignette (sticker in your passport), that provided you with an arrival window. This arrival window was either 30-days or 90-days (they increased it to 90-days during COVID, and it is still in place now).If you entered within this window then you have 'activated' your visa and you cannot reapply.

But even if you have only one month left of your 2-years then you can still reapply and even if the 2-years have passed then you can re-apply. The only thing that matters is whether or not you have entered the UK...provided you haven't then you can apply at any time whether you still have a valid visa or not.

However, if your visa has not started and you just need a new arrival window (replacement vignette) then I would suggest you jump to this article.

I did travel to the UK for a couple of weeks but then returned home - can I reapply?

If you entered during the dates on your vignette or after your visa has started then you cannot reapply as you have activated your visa by passing through UK Immigrations. This automatically triggers the start of your visa and you cannot apply for another one.

I have received so many e-mails from those who were in the UK when COVID hit and chose (understandably) to return home. But there is has been no concession made by the UK Government to allow you to re-apply or to get the time you have lost added on.

Entering the UK on a Tier 5 Visa - Once you have passed through immigrations within the validity of this visa, you have 'activated' your visa and you will not be able to apply for it again.

I had to return home due to the death of a family member - can I reapply?

I have known people in the past have to return home from the UK either due to personal illness or a death in the family. I sadly do not have any examples of anyone successfully applying for a concession to apply again due to such circumstances. This does not mean you should not try though.

Do I need to cancel my existing Tier 5 visa before I apply for it again?

Officially, no. Any new visa you apply for will void any previous one (that has been granted). But at the moment if you cancel due to Covid you will get a full refund (from what everyone is telling me). So this means you receive the application fee and the IHS fee back. Though it is taking a while to get the money!

How do I cancel and get a refund?

The advice that was previously shown on this page ( has now been removed but I'd still recommend trying to follow the old advice!

If on doing this, you do not get a refund (wait 3 months), then e-mail me for some further assistance - Only contact me for help if you have re-applied or are 100% going to be re-applying for the visa again.

Regarding the old advice that would give you a refund - here it is in a screenshot. Let me know whether this process works for you...

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