Europe's Most Scenic Train Routes

Getting to your holiday spot should be part of the fun, and with these train rides it will be.

Here at BritBound we want to help you make the most of your time in the UK. With all of Europe at your fingertips, there are endless cities to see and endless ways to get there. Though travel by train may take a little longer, it’s often more budget friendly and can take you through some seriously scenic routes. Imagine gentle coastlines, soaring mountains, and lush meadows sweeping past the window of your seat. Getting to your holiday spot should be part of the fun, and with these train rides it will be. If you haven’t heard of RailEurope, it’s a website that compares different rail prices for over 15,000 locations in Europe to show you the best deals and bring down the cost of traveling. Discover some of Europe’s most scenic train routes, and start planning your next trip now for the best rail deals.

Paris, France to Nice, France

Start your day at a chic street cafe in the city of lights, and wind down on the beach of the French Riviera’s most loved town by afternoon. Fields of yellow flowers, and rows of lavender line the train tracks as you journey through Provence towards the warm coast of Southern France. You will breeze past classic architecture with clay-tiled roofs, and vineyards of sprawling grape vines and olive trees before arriving to the picture perfect Mediterranean city of Nice.  

Davos, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy

Start your journey weaving between the towering mountains of the Livigno Alps, speeding along the stretching lakes of Switzerland, and crossing the border into Italy. On this route you will ride over nearly 200 beautifully arched bridges and viaducts as you navigate south. In the spring, you’ll see the jade farming fields, and the bright blue of running rivers. Wintertime brings spectacular sights of the snowcapped Alps, frost covered trees and icy lakes. If you are taking a regional train, get out and explore one of small villages the train stops at along the way; just continue on your journey with the next train.

Munich, Germany to Innsbruck, Austria

Take the Garmisch-Partenkirchen route to Innsbruck and cruise through the mountainous landscape of the Brandenburg Alps. The route captures the glittering lakes, and flowered landscape of the German countryside before curving past Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze. After crossing the border into Austria, spend your day wandering through Renaissance architecture, and tall standing castles of Innsbruck.

Dombås, Norway to Åndalsnes, Norway

Rising up from sea level this train journey takes you along alpine meadows, past dropping cliffs and through the winding valleys of the Nordic Fjords. The hour and a half journey on the Rauma Line will leave you in the costal town of Åndalsnes near the base of the Trollveggen Mountain, one of Norway’s most popular tourist points. Whether it’s hiking alongside waterfalls cascading down the emerald mountains, watching the wildlife on a Musk-Ox safari, or fishing for fresh salmon on the rushing Rauma River, this trip will take your breath away.

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By: Lucia Varlotta