Tier 5 youth mobility visa

Everything you need to know about the Tier 5 YMV Proof of Funds (Bank Statement)

All your questions answered concerning the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (YMV) Bank Statement or Proof of Maintenance as it is referred to officially! If you want to more about how to provide proof of funds for your visa...

Disclaimer - as per every other article I write, please remember that this information is produced based on my time at BritBound, currently 15 years. My knowledge is gained through hearing from others about their experience and hours of research and calls to the UKVI to get answers to questions they have not addressed online! I am not the UKVI department and if you are looking for the official stance on a particular issue please contact them directly here (charges will apply).

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What exactly is proof of maintenance and why is it called this?

Proof of Maintenance is so called because it means providing (proof) of your ability to maintain yourself (available funds). So, in other words how you will support yourself when you get here. Most UK Visas require 'Proof of Maintenance', the criteria will differ for each visa category. I'm talking here about the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (YMV) category. Please do not use the information here for a different category.

Can you tell me exactly what the Proof of Maintenance document needs to have on it to meet the criteria?

Yes, if you were my customer I will be asking you for a proof of funds document that shows:

  • That the funds have been in your account for no less than 28 days ( I would aim for 29 to be safe!)
  • Shows your name
  • Shows your account details
  • Shows your address
  • Shows your bank name
  • It is an account type where the funds are easily accessible via an ATM card.
  • Shows that the funds have not dropped below the required figure of £2,530 across a minimum of 28 days.
  • Shows the most recent transaction date with a 31 day window prior to the date you submitted your online visa application.
  • Ideally shows a running balance so it is easy to see that the funds have been in there for a minimum of 28 days.

Can I download an internet statement, or do I need to go to the bank and get a letter?

Yes, you can just use an internet statement and that would probably require the least effort on your part so try this first! You should be able to just log into your internet banking and either download a statement or select dates to create your own statement, sometimes referred to an interim statement, but that is fine.

Do I need to have the bank statement stamped by the bank?

No, as long as the document shows the name of the bank. Use your own judgement, if you think it does not look official enough then take it to your bank and ask them to stamp it.

Does it matter if there is no header on the document?

It’s going to be a judgement call; I see so many ‘Proof of Maintenance’ documents that I just know how to assess them now. If you are engaging BritBound to assist, then I can make this call for you. Otherwise, you’ll just need to decide for yourself.

The address on my bank statement is different to where I live, can I still submit this?

Yes, the exact address has no impact on the decision for your Tier 5 Visa. But it does need to show your name correctly. I've seen statements go through without an address but I don't understand why a bank would even allow a statement to be produced without all your essential info. So, whilst it probably could go through I personally would not advise you try.

My name is not spelled the same on my bank statement, does this matter?

It could do, depends how different the names are? If in doubt, get it corrected. I once had a customer in Greece (who also had an Australian passport) but his name was in Greek and his statement was in Greek. Let me tell you this was a nightmare, he got his visa but I had to do so much work my side to get it through!

My funds are in a different currency, will this matter?

No, the UK Government uses the website www.oanda.com to work out what the amount you have is equal to in pounds sterling (£), so just make sure it meets the threshold.

How do I know what amount the UKVI converts my balance to?

I would suggest you calculate it using the same website the UKVI uses, which is www.oanda.com and make sure you leave a decent enough margin for fluctuations.

What happens if the exchange rate fluctuates between now and when they UKVI assesses my application?

They will work out the converted amount on the date you submit your application. You can access your application via your UKVI portal and this PDF, once downloaded, will tell you the dat you submitted - see screenshot below.

How to download a copy of your UK visa application

How to download a copy of your UK visa application

How To Find The Date You Submitted Your Visa Application

How To Find The Date You Submitted Your Visa Application

Can I redact (black out) some of the information so it is not visible?

Well, if you have spent your money on things you are not comfortable with sharing then yes, perhaps hide them! Otherwise just leave it as is. You can redact the itemised spending and if you are really worried then you can black out your account details too. But be wary of hiding too much that might raise more questions..

Do I need to visit the bank to organise the statement?

Well in the perfect world I would have an answer for this, but to do so I would need everyone to tell me how they generated their statement. But I would say based on my experience most of our BritBounders have been able to organise this through their online banking portal. Sometimes the desktop is better to do this than on their Apps. So the answer is take a good look around your online banking as it should be possible.

Does my bank statement need to be stamped?

Not unless you feel that it makes you happier. Though if the statement looks unofficial (some banks have terrible statements that do not show a logo or header), then yes, go get a stamp if you can to add some authenticity to the statement.

Will my application be declined if I do not have enough funds?

Whenever I have helped people do a second visa application because when they did it themselves it was refused, it was pretty much always declined on the proof of maintenance document. So the answer to this is yes it can. At present they are e-mailing people to let you know that your statement has not met the criteria, but I don’t know how long this will last.

Will my application be declined if I do not show the funds have been in there for 28 days?

As above, but you should definitely not submit a statement that does not qualify, they will deny your submitted document if it does not meet the criteria.

What is the minimum period of time I have to show?

The official criteria says 28 days but I’ve seen someones statement who was rejected with 28-days (oddly) so I suggest you show 29 days minimum which is what I ask for as I do to all our BritBounders. Of course longer is good too!

Can I use an interim bank statement?

Of course, does not matter - just make sure it is as up to date as possible and no older than 31 days from the date of your application.

How old can my bank statement be?

The last transaction has to be no older than 31 days from the date you submitted your online application.

I cannot remember when I submitted my application?

It is on the PDF of your application that you can download from your UKVI portal. Scroll up to see the screenshots of how to access this now...

Does it have to show exactly 28-days?

No, it has to show a MINIMUM of 28-days and I recommend 29 days but it can be 30,60,90 days or more...as long as you can show a running balance of 28 days of those funds within 31 days of the date you have or want to submit your visa.

My statement shows I've had the funds for more than 28-days, is this a problem?

I'd like to say that the longer you've held the funds better and the more funds you've held the better your application will be for it. But the fact is that as long as you meet the criteria it won't matter for your application. It will matter more for arriving here. It is expensive when you first get here so if you have a healthy account then you'll have a much less stressful arrival experience.

So the UKVI won't give your visa application a favourable outcome due to having more than the required funds, but it certainly would be a good thing to show!

Can I show the funds across different accounts?

I am not sure on the official stance here, but I can tell you that I helped someone from New Zealand recently, it was his second attempt as his first application that he did was declined because he submitted a statement with several accounts and they chose to ignore the account with the funds and referred to the account in the list that did not have the funds. Now this was their fault and I told him he could successfully appeal but he had a job in the motor industry already lined up (for the Monaco Grand Prix!) and he had to get over here quickly. So we did a whole new application and he paid all the fees again. So I say just don’t risk it by showing multiple accounts that do not meet the criteria!

Can I use an investment fund or a trust account?

It has to be an everyday savings or current account where the funds are immediately accessible through an ATM. I believe this would rule out an investment or fund account, or even long term savings account. If the money is not yours and you cannot get it out of an ATM immediately, then I would advise against using this type of account.

Can I use a credit card statement?

No, See above. Credit card money is not your money.

My statement does not have any dates on it does this matter?

Yes, how will they see the funds have been in there for the required period? You really needs to show transactions over the required period. If need be, make some transactions so the dates are more obvious.

My statement does not have a running balance on it, will it be accepted?

Again, as above, it needs to show that you have had the funds for a period of 28 days (minimum) if it is not obvious then it won’t be accepted. Don't make the Entry Clearance Officer have to work it out...make sure it is obvious.

Can my parents write me a letter to say they will be supporting me?

No, because you have to show that you have the funds to maintain yourself. If you cannot pay your own way then you really should not be heading here to live and work, you need your own funds and not have to ask someone to keep giving you money everytime you need it. There is nothing wrong with Mum and Dad giving you some money but they need to put it into an account in your name.

My parents (or someone else) have given me a lump sum, does this matter?

No, a lump sum is fine but it still needs to be in there for 28-days or 29-days if I am assisting with your visa.

Can I submit the document after I have submitted my visa?

Yes, but it MUST be uploaded prior to your biometrics appointment. After you attend your Biometrics you cannot upload your statement. If this happens you can pay the VFS or TLS for document scanning and they can do it. But better to not fork out more money!

Also you still have to show you have held the funds for a 28 day period before the date you submitted your visa. So there should be no reason not to upload it at the same time unless your bank will not generate a statement for you.

If you want to juggle with dates because your statement does not meet the criteria I would strongly recommend you engage my help as this can get messy and complicated. I know the systems and how to find 'work around', it is risky business trying to guess it yourself!

What happens if I can’t get a Biometrics appointment for a few weeks and my bank statement expires?

It won’t matter because the criteria states that it has to be dated within 31 days of when you submitted your application. But there is nothing stopping you from uploading a more recent one but MAKE SURE it still qualifies you, and if in doubt, leave the other one in place.

Can I upload a bank statement after my Biometrics appointment?

No, you would need to take it along and pay for them to scan it in (they call it Document Scanning)…this assumes that they offer this service but I’m fairly sure all the centres do offer this.

Can I apply for the visa even though I do not have the funds now, but will have the funds soon?

Well yes, but be careful. I often do this with my BritBound customers,but you do need to juggle dates. If you are in this position I would engage my help to get this right as this is exactly where I see things go wrong when people try to navigate the system themselves.

Can the bank account statement be in joint names?

Yes it can - so long as your name is one of them!

Do we have to have double the amount if we are submitting a joint statement?

You’ve got me! I do not actually know the official requirement here. Common sense tells me you would have to show double but I am not sure there is an official policy on this! I’d say definitely try to! Perhaps e-mail me and help me answer this…

I’ve submitted a bank statement but now realise that it does not meet the criteria, what should I do?

They ‘should’ e-mail you and ask for another. BUT if you cannot meet the criteria even after their request, then you are best to cancel now before your Biometrics as you will get a full refund and apply again once you are able to provide the proof of maintenance.

Can I submit a letter from the bank stating I have sufficient funds?

No, that won't work. This is what they used to ask for but they have now changed it. Don’t ask me why, it’s a daft requirement and it doesn’t make any sense to me. But I’m not the decision maker so you need to make sure you submit something that meets all the criteria.

Where can I find an example of an acceptable statement?

So glad you asked - here is a perfect statement! Granted it has more funds than most! But you can see easily that the funds have a running balance that makes it easy to see that the funds have been in your account for the required time.

How to provide proof of funds tier 5 visa

How to provide proof of funds tier 5 visa

Once I have submitted the bank statement can I use the funds?

Mmm, I would not touch the funds (if it means going below the required amount) until you have your visa. Even then I would say arrive with the funds 'just in case' you are randomly stopped. Plus why would you even try and enter without these funds, I would definitely not recommend arriving here without a decent cushion of funds.

Can they ask to see my bank statement (proof of maintenance) at airport immigrations when I arrive in the UK?

Officially, yes. Will they, unlikely. Least not in past few years I’ve been doing this have I heard of this…many years ago it was different, and it was quite common but now you generally enter through an e-gate so there is no human being to speak to (phew!).

My statement is several pages long, can I upload multiple pages for my application?

It’s not an issue but if you can log in to your internet banking, you should be able to select the dates you want for your downloaded statement. So try for a shorter statement where possible. And rather than upload each page independently I would combine the PDF

Is there anything else you think we should know?

When you upload this to the VFS system make sure that the bank statement is not password protected - send it to a friend or your parent to find out. Also make sure the file name does not exceed 30 characters and contains only letters and numbers or it won’t upload.

And anything else?

YES! If you are worried then please just register for my help, the cost is minimal and I think it is so much nicer (and sensible) having someone accompany you through the process. When things crop up you were not expecting it is very stressful and difficult to navigate the process independently!