How to Apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (YMV)

This is a step by step guide to applying for the Tier 5 (YMV) Visa. If you're trying to find out 'How to apply for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa as an Australian, Canadian or New Zealander' then this article should give you just what you need to get started.

So, you might be thinking why, when BritBound offers this as a chargeable service, would we share the ‘how to’ part of applying for a tier 5 visa? Well, it’s certainly a valid question, especially when you look at other visa services out there, few will ever give away the ‘how’ as they want you to sign up and pay for their service.

Here at BritBound we love assisting with your visa application because its possibly the most exciting stage of your journey here, the green light, the official ‘YES’ from the UK Government that you’re ‘in’! And being able to congratulate you with the news of your successful visa makes us warm and fuzzy too! It’s a very exciting time.

But ultimately, what matters most to us is that you decide to head over to the UK, and visas are just one small part of what we do! So, whether or not you choose to include our visa assistance as part of your membership is entirely up to you! We just want to help wherever we can, so that your move to the UK is a successful one!

If at any stage in the process you think you'd prefer to be guided through the process then you can just head to our Membership Package Builder and include the guaranteed Tier 5 Visa option or The Visa One. You can also read more about BritBound Membership here.

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How to apply for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa as an Australian, Canadian or New Zealander.

Head to the United Kingdom Visas & Immigration Section.

The Tier 5 Application must be completed online. To get started head to the UK Governments Tier 5 Youth Mobility page. You will need to have your most recent passports and details of any expired or lost ones to hand.

Complete all the sections relevant to you.

If you do not have the information in order to complete the tabs then save your application until you can. It will e-mail you the link so you can log back in and access your information later. If at any stage you are not confident about what information to enter and you want to engage our help, then just add our visa service on to your BritBound Membership.


This is just a step to say that the information you have provided is true and that you have not given any false information. At this stage your information is still editable. But double check it nonetheless!

Payment of the International Health Surcharge

You must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) before you can submit your visa application. You pay your IHS on another website, then you will be returned to the present site to complete and pay for your application.

Your IHS reference number will automatically be included on your application once you pay and return to this site.

Payment of the UK Visa Fee and Submission of Visa Application

This is the most important stage as you are now about to pay the actual visa fee (currently £244) and submit your online application. Important - once submitted your information is locked in, so don’t submit your visa until you are 100%, especially with your visa start dates. So triple check all your information now! For a full breakdown of all the costs associated with this visa application, click here.

Book and attend a Biometrics Appointment

As the Tier 5 Visa gives you longer than 6 months in the UK, you will need to provide your Biometrics at a local testing centre. Attending an appointment is mandatory and you cannot apply for a visa without going to one. If you want to understand more about what the Biometrics appointment is for then click here.

Depending on where you attend your appointment you may have to pay something called a Biometrics User Fee - for more information about these fees click here.

Submission of all supporting documentation (proof of maintenance etc)

At your Biometrics Appointment you will be asked to either hand over your documentation or be given a postal address to send it off to. You can find out which one you will need to do in this article Everything you need to know about the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa.

Wait for the return of passport with 30-day entry vignette

After you have attended your Biometrics you will then have a wait of around 15 working days (3-4 weeks) for your passport to be returned. Once returned you will see inside there is a sticker (which is called an Entry Vignette) and this has the 30 day window of which you must enter the UK to collect your BRP (Biometrics Residence Permit).

UK arrival and collection of your Biometrics Residence Permit

You must arrive in the UK within the 30 day window as stated on your Entry Vignette. Once here you will need to head along to the Post Office address provided on the accompanying letter included with your returned passport. You will need to bring your passport along to the Post Office and it's a good idea to bring the letter with you too.