How to change the post-office location for your BRP card

Have you selected a post office that you can no longer get to and want to collect your Biometrics Resident Permit (BRP) from an alternative location? Here’s how you do it…

About the BRP Card Collection location

When you apply for your visa you will have been asked to provide a postcode of where you are staying in order to generate a list of Post Offices where you can collect your BRP card from. There is another option where you collect it from your sponsor but this article is for those who selected Post Office.

What you need to consider - The problem with this service is that not all post offices offer a BRP collection service so the one you chose might be far away from where you are staying. Or what often happens is that plans change and you end up staying in a different location and are unable to collect your BRP from the Post Office address allocated.

- How to change the Post Office pick up address -

Step 1: Use the postcode of where you are staying to start the process

You need to first find a Post Office that offers the BRP collection service. To do this head to the Post Office website here and then enter the post code of where you are or will be staying.

Step 2: Finding a post office that provides a BRP collection service

Select the Branch Services drop down to select the BRP Collection option.

Step 3: Use the map to locate the post offices offering this service in your area

There is a list (that you can expand) of options for Post Offices near you where you can request your BRP card sent to. If there are none available you may need to try a different postcode or other criteria to widen your search.

Step 4: Visit the Post Office in person to pay for the service

Go along to that post office and arrange for your BRP card to be forwarded to this branch. You cannot arrange this whilst you are still overseas, you will need to visit the branch in person.

You do not need an appointment, you can just turn up. But remember to check the opening hours and to also bring along your passport and the letter that accompanied it...if you don't have the letter do not worry!

Ask the branch how long it will take and how you will know it has been transferred to you.

There is currently a fee of £21.40 to do this.

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