How to change your UK biometric appointment on the TLS website

When it comes to visas, few things are more fear inducing than trying to change your biometrics appointment! So, to help you navigate this most terrifying of tasks…no joke I hear you say…I have put the following guide together. This guide is only for visa applicants using the TLS system.

Disclaimer - As with every article I write concerning visas, you must remember that I am just sharing what has been shared with me and my experience of these systems. These platforms do change (though by the look of this one, not since the mid 80’s!!). So just remember this is a guide based on my experience at the time of writing. If in doubt engage the assistance of a professional to guide you through.

Step 1 - Log back into your UKVI visa portal

You will have an e-mail with an email and link that looks like this.

Step 2 - Log back into the TLS system through your UKVI portal

Easiest way to do this is via the green box that says "provide documents and biometrics"

Step 3 - Viewing the TLS Dashboard to access the amend appointment option

Select [Amend Appointment]

Step 4 - Proceed past the service add on page

If there is anything you need to add on that you did not previously then you can do so here if you want to.

Step 5 - Click the amend appointment button

Eek - the scary bit!

Step 6 - Confirm that yes you want to confirm your appointment

Now this is getting tense I'm sure, but do not worry, you can come out of this unscathed. So proceed.

Step 7 - Select Self Service (unless you are paying for document scanning assistance)

If you are uploading your own supporting documents to the system then you should make sure the [self service] option is selected....otherwise you will be charged for document scanning at your appointment. Pay attention to this section!

Step 8 - Choose your new appointment (carefully)

If you are or have chosen to upload your documents yourself then make sure the [Self Service] tab on the appointment chooser is highlighted in green - see image below.

Now you can choose your new appointment - pay attention to the key at the bottom that will tell you which box colours are free and which you have to pay for.

Step 8 - Final step, return to your TLS dashboard or log out

Now you can either return to your dashboard, recommended as you can then double check your new appointment is showing. Or log out.

Don't forget to make sure you have received an amended appointment letter too as you will need to take this along to your biometric appointment.