Moving to the UK and working as a Nanny

Working as a live-in nanny can be a great introduction to the UK. Asides from being a hugely rewarding role, you will have accommodation and employment lined up before your feet even touch British soil.

An increasing number of people in the UK are seeking the help of live-in nannies to assist with the raising of children. Once the solve preserve of celebrities and residents of Downton Abbey, the role is now commonplace.

Working as a live-in nanny can be a great introduction to the UK. By accepting this role, you will have accommodation and employment lined up before your feet even touch British soil. That removes a lot of stress from the start!

If you’re interested in this line of work, read on. We’ll explain everything you could ever want to know about working as a live-in nanny in the UK.

What Does Being a Live-In Nanny Involve?

Working the responsibilities of a live-in nanny vary from family to family. Naturally, your primary responsibilities will revolve around the children of the household. You'll need to ensure that their needs are met, acting in a loco parentiscapacity.

This will likely mean arranging meals for the children, and if they're of an appropriate age, ensuring they get to school or nursery safely. You'll be expected to entertain them when they're home, and put them to bed if your employers are late home. You'll also need to clean up after them, so there will be a degree of tidying rooms and laundering and ironing clothes.

You may be expected to act as a teacher, helping the children with homework and expanding their basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. You'll also likely need to be a chauffeur, arranging drop-offs and collections at extra-curricular activities.

These are the minimum expectations. Some families may expect more. For example, they may be looking for a live-in nanny to double up as a general housekeeper. It's advisable to clarify this before accepting any role, as confusion as to your responsibilities can create an awkward working environment.

What are the Salary and Working Hours of a Live-in Nanny?

As above, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. It all depends on the family in question, and what tasks you will be expected to perform. In addition, your personal circumstances will have an impact. If you have relevant experience and qualifications you’ll have more bargaining power when negotiating a salary.

If we're to speak in broad strokes, expect to work around ten hours per day. This may involve early starts, and it will almost certainly involve evening and weekend work. Typically, you'll be able to negotiate a day off in lieu when you work a weekend or a public holiday.

In terms of salary, the average live-in nanny in the UK earns between £300-500 per week, before tax. Of course, you'll also be provided with accommodation as part of the job, which will save you substantial sums of money. It's worth asking if the family will provide you with a car, too.

What Qualifications are Required for a Live-in Nanny?

Legally speaking, there are no essential qualifications to work as a live-in nanny in the UK. A family can offer the role to anybody, if they consider them suitable.

Some employers make look for the equivalent of particular qualifications, however. Popular childcare qualifications in the UK include:

  • CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education or Early Years Practice
  • Edexcel BTEC National Certificate
  • NVQ in Early Years Care and Education or Work with Children
  • Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years Care and Education

If you have the equivalent to any of these qualifications, be sure to inform your potential employers!

However, as we say, a lack of qualifications will not necessarily hold you back. Experience will be a big help, though. If you can obtain a glowing letter of recommendation from a previous employer, so much the better!

What Essential Skills and Qualities are Required in a Live-in Nanny?

Arguably, qualifications are secondary to soft skills and personality traits when it comes to being a successful live-in nanny. If you are to perform this role, you will be expected to possess the following qualities.

  • Excellent communication skills, especially around children.
  • Boundless patience.
  • The ability to think on your feet and react quickly.
  • Strong organisational skills, but a willingness to be flexible when required.
  • A cool head in a crisis.
  • Knowledge of basic first aid and nutritional requirements.

As far as your potential employer is concerned, no certificate will compare to these desirable qualities.

Questions to Ask a Family Before Accepting a Role as a Live-in Nanny

Before you take the plunge and accept a job as a live-in nanny, it’s worth clarifying a number of things from your potential employer. Ask the following questions.

  • Will you be registered as an employee, or acting as a contractor? This has substantial implications on your employment rights and tax status.
  • Will you be provided with a car with which to fulfill your duties? Will the financial obligations of this vehicle (insurance, upkeep, repairs) be your responsibility, or that of your employer?
  • As you will be living in your employer’s home, what is their policy on company? Will you be permitted to have friends visit you on your time off? Can you come and go at any time during your time off?
  • Do you children have any special needs that must be taken into consideration? These could be emotional or physical in nature.
  • Do the children have any allergies or health conditions that you should be made aware of?

Once you have received the answers that you’re hoping for, you can start searching for a role as a live-in nanny!

How to Find a Job as a Live-in Nanny

We’ll take care of that for you. Don’t just approach strangers on the internet, asking if you can live with them and care for their children!

We work to pair potential nannies with employers, utilising our vast network of contacts. This way, we can ensure that everything is taken care of before you leave home. To get started just go to our package-builder and select the The Job One Membership. Once you've joined BritBound you will be able to log into your My.BritBound Portal and from there start the process of registering to be a Nanny here in the UK.