Reasons why you should do a UK working holiday – soon!

If you are thinking about moving to the UK but still undecided then read on! There is no better time than now to make the move, all you have to do is say YES!

So, it sounds like you are still at the decision-making stage of moving overseas? Great! Hopefully this article will be a bit of a nudge to get you to the ‘Yes, I’m going!’ stage. Or, perhaps you’re here because you’ve already made up your mind but are after some reassurance that you’ve made the right choice? Either way I can only say to you that moving overseas will change your life for the better. The biggest negative I can say is that if you don’t do it, you may well be regretting that decision for the rest of your life!

You might never have this window of opportunity again

It sounds a bit dramatic but the opportunity to take a year or two out of your life to essentially just do what you want, generally only happens once in your lifetime. There is a point, and it is generally before buying a house, getting married, having children, where we are truly without any responsibilities. Yes, you may have embarked on a career but right now if you’re in that 18-30 age bracket then there should be very little stopping you from making a move abroad. Dare I say that living and working overseas, especially in your twenties is probably one of the only periods in your life where you can be truly selfish – this experience is all about you! So grab this opportunity and DO IT!

On a slightly more serious note, there is also the fact that right now visas exist like the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa that give people without British / European passports the opportunity to enjoy up to two years living and working here, with very few restrictions. But not every country has access to these visas, and with the criteria and political climate constantly changing, who knows how long these visas will remain an option. So in summary, there is a window for you right now, don’t let it close before you’ve had a chance to take advantage of it.

You’ll experience a huge sense of accomplishment

Ask anyone to tell you about what achievement they were most proud of after moving to the UK and you will find the answer for many, is the point where they feel like a local. Where you're at one with your surroundings and now able to help people asking you for directions. You're on the other side now, no longer a tourist or visitor! Never underestimate the buzz and feel-good factor of reaching the point where you are able to fully support yourself. You've got the job you wanted, a great place to live and you're surrounded by an awesome group of friends to share all these new experiences with. And that's just the start. Once you start to take take advantage of the endless travel opportunities, you'll really feel such a sense of pride in being able to accomplish so much by yourself.

You can travel more and for longer

Without a doubt this would be the answer for 90% of our BritBounders if asked about the reason they moved to the UK. Known as the gateway to Europe, you will have 21 capital cities less than a two-hour flight away. When you start to see some of the deals, you will be hyperventilating! I recently enjoyed a weekend in Italy, bagging myself a return flight for £35 including taxes and just recently saw a one-way flight to Poland advertised for £7.50. Yes, you can save up and do a 30-day Topdeck tour of Europe and fly home again. But imagine enjoying that same tour and then remaining in the UK? You can then return to all those places that wowed you on the tour, this time on your own schedule. Of course, being able to travel frequently takes money but if you are here on a working holiday then you are continually topping up your funds, making you ready to book more travel. Surely the motivation anyone needs to take the plunge and come over!

You will make friends for life

There is no doubt that one of the biggest benefits of moving overseas is the people you will meet. Yes, it will be hard at first. Meeting people, especially in a big city such as London, can take time. Of course, if you’re a member of BritBound then you will very quickly meet people because on top of assisting with the relocation formalities we also have a very active social events calendar! But what makes the people you meet overseas so different to the friends back home is the shared experiences that you have. There is an instant connection when you start talking about everything you are feeling, experiencing and generally going through. Strong bonds will form quickly due to the fact that you share similar motivations for being here. One of the biggest of these shared motivations is travelling. Having a close network of new friends to explore the UK, Europe and beyond with will pretty much cement those friendships into long lasting relationships.

It will change you (for the better!)

Whilst you may not recognise how much you’ve changed until much later on, trust me that you will. Every day will present new challenges, some exciting, many less so! It is unlikely that you will have been faced with these challenges previously, so you are learning to cope with situations as they present themselves. This of course will not just make you a stronger person but someone who can adapt to change and be less intimated when confronted by the unexpected.

It will enhance your career

As you’ll soon learn, if you have not already, applying for roles means out competing the other candidates. Two things will happen once you’ve worked in the UK. The first is that you’ll present a more impressive CV purely by the fact you’ve taken the initiative to step outside your comfort zone. The second aspect that’s in your favour is the skill set you will be able to offer. To an employer this will be highly attractive because you will have many more strings to your bow than other candidates applying who have not had the experience of working overseas in what is often a very fast paced environment.

You get to truly experience a country

Possibly a more obvious benefit but an important one, nonetheless. One of the feel-good moments that many of the BritBounders talk about is when they get asked for help with directions and can answer with confidence! Living somewhere as opposed to just travelling there will give you a real understanding of how that country works, the people, culture and everything else that you’d never have the time for if you were just visiting.