Step-By-Step: How to apply for a new entry vignette for your UK visa

If you have decided not to travel now due to COVID, or your entry vignette has expired, or you just want to push back the date you want to come here, then you need to apply for a replacement vignette (also referred to as a Transfer of Conditions). Let us guide you through how to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vignette Replacement Process

This article follows on from our previous article 'Replacing your Visa Entry Vignette (Transfer of Conditions)'. If you are looking for answers to common questions on this topic then head over to that article first as this one is a step-by-step guide to getting a new vignette with revised travel dates.

Read this first!

One of the most confusing parts of the vignette replacement process is that none of the pages or links use words that will reassure you that you are doing this right! The UK Government has mashed together a few different processes but has not dedicated any section to what I believe should be called 'How to replace your entry vignette' or even "how to arrange new travel dates for your UK Visa'. Remember that this vignette is just your entry window, it is not your visa, your visa is the BRP card that you will collect once you have arrived in the UK. The phrase "Transfer of Conditions' appears to be the closest to what we would describe as getting another sticker in your visa with new travel dates.

Now, having assisted with lots of these over the past year due to COVID, you can rest assured that I am sharing the correct way with you!

If you are worried about doing this yourself, then you are welcome to engage my assistance - click here to get this going and then head to the VISA tab and then VIGNETTE REPLACEMENT.

10 Things you need to know about applying for a replacement vignette

1) You will have to attend another Biometrics Appointment

2) You cannot change your visa start date, only provide a revised arrival date

3) You will have to send your passport away, unless the VAC in your country offers a "keep your passport when applying' option.

4) You do not have to include another bank statement (proof of maintenance)

5) You can also upgrade to Priority Processing, so that they put you 'to the top of the queue'.

6) If your last vignette had a 30-day window, you will find this one will have a 90-day window as since COVID they have increased the arrival window.

7) I would strongly recommend using the same passport, if your previous passport has been lost or stolen you will need to provide evidence that you have reported this to the police.

8) You can apply for a replacement vignette at anytime provided your visa is valid. So if you have a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa that is valid for two years, you can apply for a vignette at any point during the two year validity.

9) You do not need to wait for your existing vignette to expire before applying for a replacement.

10) You can do this as many times as you need to! But you will have to keep paying the £154 and go through the same process.

Step 1

To begin the process head here.

Yes - this is the correct address - just keep going and you'll see it is!

Scroll to the section highlighted in the image below [Transfer your visa to a new passport online]. I agree this sounds incorrect and goodness knows why they have never updated this page, but it is the correct starting point, trust me!

changing your visa arrival date replacement vignette

Step 2 - Select the country where you are applying for the replacement vignette.

You will need to attend another biometrics appointment, so you must enter the country where you are or will be. The country you select determines the locations offered for your Biometrics appointment.

Step by Step Applying for a replacement vignette

Step 3 - Confirm you are applying for a replacement vignette

The language on this page has clearly not been updated but I promise this is the correct process. You will receive a replacement vignette with a new 90-day arrival window. It may change back to 30 days in the future but as I type this (January 2022) there is no mention of any plans to do so soon.

How to apply for a replacement vignette for your UK Visa

Step 4 - Transfer or replace your visa vignette

Select the option as shown

How to apply for a replacement vignette for your UK Visa

Step 5 to 11 (these will be familiar!)

These screens will look familiar to you as you answered these previously, just continue to respond to the questions like you did previously.

  • Immigration History
  • Breach of UK immigration law
  • Convictions and other penalties
  • War crimes
  • Terrorist activities, organisations and views
  • Extremist organisation and views
  • Person of good character
  • Your employment history

Step 12- 14 Your Visa or Leave / Change of details / Home office reference number

Your Visa or Leave - in this section it asks "How was your visa or leave granted?" It is printed at the top of your current / expired vignette. I have included a screenshot below where you can find the answer.

Change of personal details - you only need to complete this if your details have changed, otherwise just click No and continue.

Your Home Office Reference Number - "Do you have any Home Office reference numbers?" - if you have not yet been in the UK and applied for leave to remain then the most likely answer here will be NO

Vignette Replacement Application- Entry Clearance

Step 15 - Information about your application

You just need to enter the reason that you are applying for a new vignette. Don't stress about this section, it's probably just to help them to analyse their data to help them better understand the reasons people need to apply for a new one.

Vignette Replacement - information about your application

Step 16 - Evidence

At this stage you are being advised that you will need to include additional evidence if you are applying for a vignette transfer. This is where you will be submitting your passport in order to show your "immigration status in the UK" as this will be the current vignette showing the visa type and validity dates.

if you are following this article for other reasons other than requiring new arrival dates then please click on the guidance link to follow what you need to include.

Step 17 - Demonstrating your permission to be in the UK

I don't really understand why you need to put down a postcode for your BRP collection as you have already done this previously! But if things have changed and you are heading to a different area then this is an opportunity to choose a new post office.

Tip - Take a photo of the post office address so you can easily locate it when you arrive in the UK

Step 8 - Payment of Fees

Just like the first time around you will be directed to World Pay. The current fee (February 2021) is £154 and this will be converted into your local currency.

Step 19 - Booking your Biometrics

The last step now is to book an appointment to do your Biometrics. In most cases you will not have any documents to upload as you should only need your passport, which you will hand over at your appointment.

If you want to speed the process up then you should have the option to pay for Priority Processing, though I cannot see it on this application form so you may need to add it when you go through to the VFS or TLS platform.

All in all, the turnaround time for the standard process is the same as when you applied the first time, around 3 weeks (15 working days)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vignette Replacement Process

What date can I choose for my new vignette 'valid from' date?

I cannot find any information on this anywhere on the UKVI website. My assumption here is that you follow the same guide as your visa category. For example the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa allows you to choose a visa start date up to 6 months away. The UK Ancestry Visa allows you to choose a visa start date up to 3 months away. So I would assume that this is what you would need to follow but I honestly cannot answer this. Let me know if you find out the official policy on this.

Do we need another TB test if our previous one has expired?

I have done a bit of research on the question of TB tests and the official Gov pages only seem to state you have to have a valid test when you apply. There is no rule that I can see that says you have to have another one.

However, should you enter the UK and be questioned by an immigration officer you could be pulled aside for testing when you arrive at the airport (they all have this facility). I do not have personal experience of this but I would feel confident saying this would add a substantial delay to time it will take before you finally exit customs!

So I guess it is up to you what you decide to do!

Do I need to wait until my current vignette has expired before applying for a replacement?

No, you can apply at anytime provided your visa is still valid. If you cannot arrive here for another 12 months then apply for your vignette once you are closer to this date. Though they may still issue a new date 12 months away, I just do not know I'm sorry to say.

Can I apply for a replacement vignette (transfer of conditions) before my current vignette has started?

Yes, provided your original visa is still valid.

If I apply for a replacement vignette to continue after my other one expires will this give be a larger arrival window?

Right, so you are asking that if you already have a 90-day arrival window from say 1st September to the 1st November could you apply for a replacement vignette from the 1st November to the 1st of February.

No, any new vignette would void the previous one and as you have to post away your passport again, the old vignette is removed and the new one added.

If you arrive in the UK before the start date of your visa / vignette then you will be entering on a tourist visa and this would not activate your actual work visa. So not recommended.

What happens to my BRP if I apply for a replacement vignette / transfer of conditions?

Hard to find the official process here but going by what I've heard my feeling is that the BRP card is sent out to the Post Office based on your Visa Start Date and it probably sits there for a few months before it gets returned.

If you have any further experience on this then please do share!

Have I missed anything - or do you have any questions?

If I have missed out any section that you feel should be included or you have anything to share then please do get in touch. (Sarah)

Please remember..."that the information that I have put together above is from my knowledge and understanding of the UKVI system, with a large dose of your fabulous feedback. I am not able to comment or guide everyones situations but will always try and give you some direction, where I can. However, for the official source and a response to your particular situation you should contact the UKVI here.

If you are able to provide more guidance to help others, then please do share it with me! (Sarah)