Tier 5 Visa Application: Top 10 mistakes to avoid when applying

BritBound has helped thousands of people move to the UK, which means we've assisted with lots of second-time around visa applications! Here's some of the most common mistakes we see regarding the Tier 5 Visa Youth Mobility Visa

There are few things more stressful than government applications and right up there are visa applications! Deciding to live and work in the UK is only the start of the process…and you aren’t going anywhere unless your application is successful!

Here at BritBound we assist with hundreds of second time applications, in other words when someone has applied independently and had their application declined, they then come to us to get a guaranteed visa the second time.

Visas such as the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa are generally black and white applications, so provided you meet the criteria and include the correct supporting documentation, the process is relatively straightforward. For the bigger visas like UK Ancestry that can lead to getting a British Passport, the process is less defined and far less straightforward.

Whether you choose to do your visa independently or engage a service such as BritBound, here are some of the mistakes to avoid.

  1. Choosing the wrong visa start date

Most UK visas have an application window which will allow you to apply for your visa, understand the application window for the visa and how it is going to affect your travel plans. The Tier 5 Visa now only allows you to apply 6 months in advance. But remember that if you are going overseas during this time then you will need to factor that into your application window. Because you have to send your passport away as part of the process.

2. Passport Validity

Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months when you enter the UK. If you apply for your visa on a passport that does not have 6 months validity will mean your visa will be declined. To be fair, you really don’t want to have to apply for a new passport when you are in the UK. It’ll be an inconvenience to you, especially if you have travel plans. Best get your new passport before applying for the visa.

3. Applying for a new passport after you have submitted your visa application.

If you apply for a new passport after having submitted a visa application or received a successful visa, then you are going to have to carry your old passport with you everywhere as this is where your visa is held. Moreover, not everyone may understand that this is okay. An employer here in the UK may not feel comfortable about accepting your right to work evidence on an expired passport. Transferring your Tier 5 visa to a new passport is also a costly exercise involving more applications and more time! So, the tip here is apply for a new passport before you get started on your visa application.

4. Choosing a visa start date before your travels

This point is where having an experienced consultant on hand to assist with your application pays dividends! Asides from juggling the impact of any travel dates before you arrive in the UK, you also need to consider any travel dates after you arrive. You must consider how these might affect your 'Visa Start' date and your ability to collect your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP). It may prove easier and impact less on the two-year validity of your visa to delay your visa start date until after any planned tours or travel, which might be planned after you arrive in the UK. Whether this is possible or not depends on many circumstances, so seek professional advice on this one but do try and get your head around the implications of any travel on your visa application.

5. Using a UK address which is not where you are going to be living – because then your Biometrics Residence Permit will be at a post office near to that address!

The application for both the Tier 5 Visa and the UK Ancestry require you to collect a BRP once you’ve arrived in the UK. A couple of years ago someone entered the address of a great Aunt who lived in the Scottish Highlands…and yep, guess where he had to journey to, to collect his BRP. Fun travel any other time except for the fact he had to start work that same week! If you do not have a UK address then do not worry, if you are engaging BritBound’s visa assistance then we will use our address in London.

6. Not being able to collect your BRP within the 90-day window

You will have a 90-day window to collect your BRP - it is usually 30 days but for time being whilst COVID is affecting travel). The 30 days start from your visa start date. You will also have a letter that tells you what date you will be able to collect your BRP from, usually this date is a few days after your arrival. Most of the time it’s there before the date…but not always. So, if you are going off on a 60 day tour of Europe and you have be unable to collect your BRP then this means you may face questioning when you try to return. Not a pleasant experience. Advice is to start your visa earlier than when you intend to arrive to increase the likelihood of your BRP being ready to collect on a date that is before your tour.

Also, if you do not put down an address when you complete your visa application then the BRP will be sent to a post office in London. So, if you're not coming to London then better to complete your application with an address close to where you are staying. It does not matter if you do not stay at the address on your application.

7. Thinking it is easy to postpone your trip and enter on another date!

…it’s not! If your visa is due to start on September 1st then you have to arrive within 90 days of this date (usually 30 but 60 whilst Covid is at large!). This is your entry window. If you decide you want to arrive on November 1st instead then you are going to have to all but apply for another visa! And after you have successfully attended another round of Biometrics, organised another Proof of Maintenance Document, paid yet another fee to obtain a new 30 day entry window, your visa will still start from September 1st. And don't think that you can arrive earlier than your visa start date as this is not allowed either!

8. Applying for your International Health Surcharge (HIS) using a work address e-mail

The IHS number is evidence that you have access to the GP and hospitals for no additional cost. (asides from prescription prices). You will be asked for this number when you go to register with a doctor. If you have used a work e-mail or one you can no longer access, then you might find it a challenge to obtain a copy of this number.

9. Proof of Funds - Not having sufficient funds / incorrect proof of funds document

Did you hear the story of the guy whose visa was denied because he was £10 under the required amount? We did! And plenty of others! The visa criteria requires you to have no less than the equivalent of £2,530 in your account for a period of no less than 28 days. And the 28 day period has to be before you apply for your visa.

Plus if you want to give yourself a hard time when you arrive here, then not having sufficient support funds is the fast-track way to misery! Personally I think this figure should be double this! If you are struggling to save more than this then you should definitely be thinking about a job that is lined up for you before you go. Speak to us about our live-in pub job options.

10. Missing your Biometrics Appointment

The Uk Visa & Immigration department, in its infinite wisdom, has outsourced nearly all Biometrics Testing Centre’s to a third party (commercial entity). Who you will soon find out want to charge you for pretty much everything and no doubt soon, the air you breathe whilst waiting for your biometrics appointment! So one big tip, do not miss your Biometrics appointment…because guess what happens if you do…you have to pay them more money!! If you are using a professional visa service, (we’re not the only ones of course :) ) then let your consultant know ahead of time that you’re not going to make your Biometrics date, so they can give you advice on what to do.

Lastly, I’m going to add one more.

Not taking full advantage of the fact that you can only apply for this visa once in your life.

Don’t ignore the fact you are very lucky to be able to apply for this incredible visa – not every country can and if you are someone that qualifies for it – then be happy and more importantly take advantage that it's available to you. Dismiss any concerns you have about leaving home, We’ll help convince you that coming here is one of the best things you can do in your life and of course, BritBound can support you throughout your move over and during your time here.

So just apply for it (we can help, check out our visa services here www.britbound.com/pb!), use it and enjoy it. This really will be one of the best decisions of your life!

Ready to apply – start here :)