Moving to the UK, Travel the World to Get There or Travel from There?

Are you thinking of going on a holiday before the big move?

By Daniel Freeman

As the movie Up would say "adventure is out there", and many of us are always searching for it. When moving to the UK one of the biggest questions before we leave is, should we travel before hand or discover places once we are there?

This article will support for and against both choices and why you should or shouldn't go on a holiday before the big move.

For those who decide to see some countries before arriving in London remember to save, save, and save. Those who go on tour or even do the solo backpacking trip need to be prepared for having enough money to enjoy it as well as having enough money to be able to set up a life in a new country. Too many people have been found out once they finally get to London and realise they need to jump into a job straight away or having to ask family back home to borrow money before even starting their visa.

Now don't let this scare you off. If you have managed to have that perfect amount to travel be prepared for a trip of a lifetime. You are able to not have to worry about if you should purchase that meal or that drink or experience that activity that you have wanted to do (skydiving in the Swiss alps anybody?). The other benefits are that you may miss out during your visa time. You may miss out on getting up to see the rolling hills in Scotland, or being able to go on that gondola in Venice. Having that trip that ticks off a few of those boxes can be the difference between seeing that country you've always wanted to and missing out. 

Although you may only stop in those countries you love for a couple of days, don't worry it can be a tester and you can always book in a longer trip down the track. London is within 21 capital cities under 2 hours on a plane so it's not too tricky to get there.

So what of those people who didn't do a holiday before the big move. Don't worry you haven't missed out. If you are hear for 2 years or 5 years you can plan those weekend trips to some prime holiday destinations and be back in time for work on Monday morning. Most of the time you will want to go to the prime locations for special events. Germany has Oktoberfest, Ireland has St Patricks Day, Budapest has Sziget Music Festival, Spain has La Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls. These are all events that may not be covered in a tour or when you are backpacking at the time. 

Having London as your home base gives you the chance to prepare and plan for these trips and save accordingly. If you haven't spent as much money as you thought you would designing your new bedroom or the rent on that share house then you can stick it aside for your travels.

At the end of the day if you love travelling, you will no doubt have a giant list of places to go. Be prepared to sacrifice the little things but in return you will have memories that will last a life time, no wanderlust, and that perfect Instagram shot that will most definitely rack up the likes.

Stay safe, and happy travels!

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