Which UK Visa Do I need to Apply for?

Unfortunately, you cannot just turn up and work in the UK. But there are a number of ways to be granted the right to live and work here. At BritBound the three most popular ways to enter the UK are as follows:

The UK has a strict immigration policy and anyone who wants to live and work here must have the right to do so. If you can qualify for any of the below routes of entry then great news! Time to start planing!

1) Having a European / British Passport.

It could not be easier than entering on a UK passport! If you think you can apply for a passport then you must definitely do it! You will not be subject to any Immigration checks and can freely come and go across the border as you wish without any Schengen limitations. There are also no restrictions on your ability to work here and you will also be able to access public funds to claim support (British passport holders), such as unemployment benefit.

  • British Passport - If you think you might qualify for a British Passport you can start here: https://www.gov.uk/check-british-citizen
  • European Passport - You will need to contact the Embassy of the country which you have links to and find out the process for applying for a passport.

2) Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (YMS)

If you are under 31 and from one of the participating countries (Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Taiwan) then you are lucky because provided you meet the criteria this is one of the easier visas to apply for. Read more about this visa in the following articles.

3) UK Ancestry/ UK Ancestry Plus Partner and or dependents

For those with a grandparent born in the UK, (you will need an official copy of their birth certificate) an Ancestral visa allows you to work in the UK for up to 5 years. After 5 years continuous stay (you have not been out the country for more than 180 days in any of the 5 years), you can then apply for permanent residency.

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  • Mistakes to avoid when applying for a UK Ancestry Visa
  • How to apply for an Ancestry Visa

BritBound can assist with your visa application in several ways

  • Offer you a Guaranteed Visa Service – after assessing your situation, determining the best application start dates and requesting the relevant data, we will then complete your application on your behalf. As we will essentially be taking care of your entire visa application, we will guarantee you a successful outcome.
  • Visa Checking Service – if you feel confident with the application process and want to complete your own application but would like us to check over your application and supporting documents then choose this option for peace of mind.
  • Assist you with Declined or rejected visas – if you want advice about applying for your visa again after it has been declined, then we will do all we can to help you turn this around in the shortest time frame.