Liz Ross

"BritBound provides thousands of travellers with everything they need to get settled in London, including moral support when required. Their Base is very welcoming, and there's always someone to talk to or have a cheeky drink with. Even if you're confident enough to come to London without their assistance, they offer amazing social events every day of the year. I have met lifelong friends because of this, and never find myself without something to do. My time in London would have suffered dramatically if not for BritBound. It's hard to imagine how they can make such a large assortment of people feel like a family, but somehow they manage."

– Liz Ross
Til Kuder

"I am so glad to have Britbound with me for this adventure here in London. They enabled me to find accommodation and work and completed appointments for a British bank account and the National Insurance Number for me. But apart from all these procedures that you need to start a life in the UK, they have always an open ear for me whenever I need to talk about things that bothered me. They welcomed me so warm and friendly and when I now visit team in the base, it feels like visiting family. Life is sometimes hard here in London, but you will definitely don't have to face the problems alone."

– Til Kuder
Gray Smith

"I cannot begin to rave about BritBound enough! They are simply the best and provide you with a carefree and blissfully smooth transition into London life! If you are wanting to make the move, don't even second guess this decision. I can tell you without a moment's doubt that I never would have my found my London experience to be a fraction of how great it's been without this wonderful organisation, the people who run and work for it, and the group of people who are a part of it."

– Gray Smith
Lenore Smith

"Knowing that there is always options for social events, business, tax and insurance questions, support when looking for accommodation and navigating the never ending pile of English paperwork has been invaluable. I highly recommend BritBound for anyone considering a move to the UK – regardless of your personal and professional circumstances, their support and skills make the entire process incredibly easy and calm!"

– Lenore Smith
Nick Carroll

"BritBound is an amazing company that provides a truly unique service. The staff are amazing and help foster a sense of community. Every Friday night they host drinks at the base which I would highly recommend attending as this is a great way to catch up with familiar faces as well as meet new people. London is a big city and can be a daunting move so it is nice to know that Britbound has your back and that they will help make your transition easy and highly enjoyable."

– Nick Carroll
Sam Buckby

"The social side of the programme has been incredibly helpful. London can be a big and lonely city at first, but their welcome session lets you meet a tonne of others who are in exactly the same boat – as well as providing you with useful info like how to find accommodation, work, and the right train to catch."

– Sam Buckby