Employment Assistance for Career Professionals

If you are an experienced career professional looking for assistance in an industry not covered by our Job Starter packages, then worry not! BritBound can still assist you and help you find the right job role for your skill set.

If you are looking to continue your career here in the UK then great news because there is always a demand for experienced professionals. Especially those coming from abroad who can bring unique and practical skills that are in high demand here. The market, especially in London can be very competitive in certain sectors. It’s not that there aren’t any career openings available in these sectors, its simply that the right strategy needs to be applied so that you can secure the ideal job, meeting both your expectations and goals and surpassing the competition.

Having the right recruitment agency working with you to find work is the simplest way of tapping into what the market has to offer, and we can get the ball rolling with them whilst you’re still abroad. In the majority of employment sectors, recruitment agencies fill more than 80% of the job market’s needs, so working through an agency allows you to tap into their industry knowledge and networks. Since agencies will quite often focus on a specific sector or industry niche, they can try and put you in front of the right companies to meet your career aspirations.

Having been around for over a decade BritBound has forged strong relationships with a plethora of recruitment agencies across all major sectors. As a member of BritBound we can put you in touch with our contacts, who can review you CV, assess your skills and experience, and get to work fully vetting your file so that shortly after your arrival, you can start working.

There are thousands of recruitment agencies in the UK, many of whom will never respond to your e-mails or unsolicited applications! Being proactive and understanding who to approach and when is your best bet, and since BritBound will liaise on your behalf, you can rest assured that communication and correspondence will be forthcoming! Any partner agencies who are not pro-active with our referred candidates are simply removed from our supplier list, so they tend to be very helpful!

Even if your plans are to travel, take time off, or simply enjoy being a tourist for a while, BritBound can still take the stress of searching for work off of your shoulders and be confident that we are personally handling your information and putting it in the hands of the right agency or consultant.

Permanent and Contract Employment

Although you can secure permanent job placement (no term or end date of employment) we highly recommend opting for contract employment. Contracts in the UK can be several weeks or months long, and can even be ongoing renewing to prolong employment.

There are huge benefits from being on a contract. You have the flexibility to manage time off to travel extensively between contracts, as well as be eligible for certain tax deductions earning you more money!

Taxes can run quite high in the UK, with income tax deductions starting at 20% with an additional National Insurance Contribution set at a fixed rate of 12.8%.

All contractors have the option to employ a payroll service (referred to as Umbrella or Limited) to manage your time sheet and work expenses. As a contractor you can offset work related costs such as transportation and food from your weekly revenue, meaning you get taxed only on the balance of your earnings, essentially paying less tax. Best of all, should you sort out your payroll service before you’re employed, then work related expenses would include your travel costs to the UK – that’s your flight, your BritBound package even your accommodations!

For a more thorough explanation detailing your specific options why not connect with our colleagues at Income Made Smart (IMS)? Click HERE to be taken to our online micro site to collect your details so an agent can contact you with specific information pertaining to your field.

BritBound's CV Assistance

What the UK Professional Job Market needs are candidates with proven industry experience with the skills and abilities to move the economy and momentum of companies forward. First impressions are everything, and in many cases, your CV will act as both your introduction and calling card. You must ensure your CV is appropriate for what employers are seeking and that it speaks to your desired audience. CVs in the UK need to be a snapshot of your professional experience and demonstrate the skills and qualifications you’ve acquired. This means certain details need to be presented in a specific order. Download our CV TEMPLATE HERE and follow our ‘how-­‐to’ guide.

If preparing a CV for a new market is a daunting task, or you simply don’t know where to start, then you send your CV along to jobs@britbound.co.uk and we can take a look at it, and in most cases endorse it to our partners who assess your potential. This service is available to all members of BritBound.

Start your job hunt now!

Moving abroad can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience, but it promises to be enriching one way or another. BritBound can help with the process, alleviate stress and answer all your questions throughout your transition. Best of all, so much can be sorted before you even leave, so you know exactly what to expect once you get to the UK. Joining BritBound will make this transition easier for yourself and enable you to get the ball rolling with regards to work in the weeks prior to your departure.

To join BritBound start by looking at our Membership Services here and use our Package-Builder to select from the available options.