Leaving the UK? Returning Home Checklist

If you're heading home after living and working in the UK then this article should prove very useful in providing you with a checklist of all the things you need to tie up before you leave.

Money, Tax and Finance

Tax Refunds

You might think you are not due a tax refund but don’t be so quick to assume this. It’s a quick check to find out! Few people realise that if you only work a part of the tax year then it’s very likely that you are due a tax refund. If you would like assistance finding out whether you are due a tax return then e-mail us to get the ball rolling. No harm in checking!

Bank Account (S)

If you are applying for a tax refund then it might be worth you keeping your account open until you have received your tax refund. Also remember your house deposit will be paid back to the same card or account used when you paid it. If you are not expecting anything to be paid into this account then proceed with closing it down. If it is an app based bank account then you should be able to close your account within the app itself. The high street banks will usually require you to visit a branch or contact them to close your account. We partner with HSBC and provided you are registered for online banking you can close your account online.

Returning in the future? If you think you will be returning to the UK in the future and want to keep your account open then make sure you have sufficient funds in there. Find out what the banks policy is regarding your account and whether you need to continue to make deposits to keep it open.

Overseas Money Transfer

If you have not yet set up a money transfer then you will need to do so in order to transfer your funds over to your home back account. If you have not used a money transfer service then you can read all about how to do this here.

Direct Debits / Standing Orders

If you have any regular payments set up on your account then remember to cancel these.

Pay of any debts!

If you have any parking tickets or fines then make sure you get these paid off. Debt collectors will find you! Not worth the stress!

Your property / flat / houseshare

Make sure you give your landlord the required notice period. And then work your way through any of the following services that are connected to your accommodation. If you are in a house share then make sure you are removed from all contractual obligations.

  • Deposit – if your landlord has used a deposit scheme then they will have 7 days to return the money to you. This will be returned to the same bank account or card used when you signed up, so make sure these details are still valid.
  • Council Tax – let your local council know that you are not going to be a resident for council tax. You may also be due a refund so double check.
  • Gas / Electricity – if you had to sign up for any utilities then make sure you take a last meter reading ready to provide them with these details when you leave.
  • TV Licence – cancel your TV licence if you have one.
  • Landline Phone / Broadband - cancel