New Zealand


Lance H.


Pirongia, New Zealand

How did you find London compared to what you were expecting?
I imagined that it would rain most days and that everyone would be depressed and that I would work as bar tender. None of those things happened. It is sunny often, only the people that ride the tube in rush hour seem depressed and I definitely am not working as a bartender. The time I have spent in the UK has been fun and the history that surrounds people everyday is something that I never really could comprehend until I arrived. It is not something that people think about until they actually can experience in the real.

What is the achievement you're most proud of since moving to the UK?
I could be boring and say that getting a job was my biggest achievement - and in some aspects it probably was. But if we do not want to be boring (and let's get real who wants to be boring). My biggest achievement was actually driving to work along the M25 listening to BBC Radio 2. It may not be an "achievement" in the grand trophy sense of the word. But, that simple act summarises so many things; moving to the other side of the world, working as a full citizen, owning a car, fitting in with life and enjoying the local radio. All things that only people who have fully integrated into a new culture can truly say they have done.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about moving to the UK with BritBound?
Do it. Experience it. But it will not all be roses. It will not all be fun. Life still needs to happen so temper those expectations with a sense of reality and common sense. Britbound are pretty awesome and brilliant - use them as much as you can.