Robyn T.


Calgary, Canada

How did you find London compared to what you were expecting?
While I didn't form that little indie band and get discovered and make it big.... I am happy to say my time has been just as rewarding, if not more. The first few months were a struggle... financially speaking but I pushed myself to get out there and see and do all the things. I have BritBound to thank for that. In my first month I had lost an incredible amount of money and had not yet found a job. I went to BritBound and had the team offer nothing but support and insist that I stay. A few weeks later I found a job, made friends, moved flats, and never looked back.

What is the achievement you're most proud of since moving to the UK?
Leaving behind a very emotionally depressing and bad situation I would say my proudest achievement was finding happiness. Having to rebuild your life from the ground up and having it be a positive one was probably my proudest life achievement.

What is a moment you will always remember from your time abroad?
Countless ones. Most of them involving mates. The pub crawls. Camden music scene. Turning tube strikes into walking tours. Making life long friends. Walking home in the rain. Halloween. Day trips out of the city. Learning photography in the parks. I could go on...

How has your experience abroad changed your outlook on the world?
I've found I am a very people person. I loved meeting strangers and making instant friends. I loved the London life. No matter who you were you could always find something to do that was right up your alley. My experience with BritBound changed me!

What would you say to someone who's thinking about moving to the UK with BritBound?
Do it. Don't second guess it. Jump in and carve your story into the streets!